Health Division Leadership

Neil Schneiderman

Director, Health Division, Department of Psychology
James L. Knight Professor of Health Psychology


(305) 284-5467

Health Division Primary Faculty

Michael H Antoni

Director, Center for Psycho-Oncology Research


(305) 284-5466
Dr. Antoni is the Director of the Center for Psycho-Oncology Research, and the Editor of The Int'l Journal of Behavioral Medicine, Psychology & Health His current interests include Psycho-oncology, AIDS and psychoneuroiminunology: coping styles, social support, life event stress, and health/disease.

Sannisha Dale, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Director, Strengthening Health through INnovation and Engagement (SHINE) Research Program
Chair, Diversity and Equity Committee, Department of Psychology


(305) 284-1991
I am a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in conducting research on the intersection of mental (e.g., PTSD) and physical health (e.g. HIV) and developing interventions. I completed my PhD in Clinical Psychology at Boston University in 2014, Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)/Harvard Medical School...

Marc D. Gellman

Research Professor
Associate Director, Behavioral Medicine Research Center


(305) 243-2044
Dr. Gellman is a University of Miami (UM) Hurricane lifer, having started his academic career at the University of Miami in 1970 as he entered his freshman year with a major in Psychology and minors in Biology and Chemistry.  If he entered the University of Miami with today’s major options he would have been a Neuroscience...

Barry E Hurwitz



(305) 243-1444
Dr. Barry Hurwitz is a Professor of Psychology, Medicine, and Biomedical Engineering. He is the Director of the Cardiovascular and Diabetes Behavioral Medicine Laboratory (CARDIA-BMED), and Associate Director of the Behavioral Medicine Research Center at the University of Miami. Much of his research has been focused on examining the...

Gail H Ironson



(305) 284-5299
Dr. Ironson has over 200 publications in the field of behavioral medicine applied to HIV/AIDS, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, is past president of the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research Society (a senior level organization by invitation only), and is current or past member of the editorial board of five journals (International Journal...

Youngmee Kim

Associate Director, Health Division


(305) 284-5439
My research interests concern social motivation and emotion, close relationships, and cross-cultural psychology. I have applied these interests primarily to the field of psycho-oncology. My research focuses on various aspects of the quality of life of cancer survivors and their family members and close friends. These outcomes include...

Maria Magdalena Llabre, Ph.D.

Director, Biobehavioral Statistics
Behavioral Medicine Research Center
Cooper Fellow


(305) 284-6698
Dr. Maria Magdalena Llabre is Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Psychology at the University of Miami.  She is also Director of Biobehavioral Statistics at the Behavioral Medicine Research Center. She teaches graduate statistics and is lead faculty in the Applied Quantitative LaB.  Her research uses...

Elizabeth Reynolds Losin, Ph.D.

Asst. Professor


(305) 284-8672
Elizabeth Losin, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of the Social and Cultural Neuroscience Lab at the University of Miami. She received her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from UCLA in 2012 and came to the University of Miami at the start of 2015. Her passion lies in combining her training in anthropology and neuroscience to explore...

Philip M. McCabe

Chairman, Department of Psychology


(305) 284-5507
I am a Professor of Psychology and Biomedical Engineering, and the Chairman of the Psychology Department at UM. Before I became the Chair, I served as the Director of the interdepartmental Undergraduate Neuroscience Program.  I did my undergraduate studies and also received my Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Illinois at...

Roger Christopher McIntosh

Associate Professor


(305) 243-2047
Dr. Roger McIntosh directs the BREATH (Brain Respiration Embodiment Affect & Translational Health) Lab. and examines the effects of aging, stress and chronic inflammatory immune conditions (e.g., HIV) on neuropsychological functioning. Dr. McIntosh is currently supported by the NHLBI to study how individual differences in cardiovascular...

Frank J Penedo

Associate Director for Cancer Survivorship & Translational Behavioral Sciences
Director, Cancer Survivorship Program Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center


(305) 284-4290
Dr. Penedo’s work evaluates the role of sociocultural, biobehavioral, and psychosocial mechanisms underlying disease activity and health outcomes, and the efficacy of evidence-based psychosocial interventions in promoting optimal chronic disease management and health outcomes in cancer. His work also involves translational research...

Patrice G. Saab



(305) 284-5472

Steven A. Safren



(305) 284-2818
I am the Director of the UM Center for HIV and Research in Mental Health (NIMH-funded Developmental AIDS Research Center D-ARC) and the Health Promotion and Care research program (https://hpac.psy.miami.edu/) where we study health behavior change, with a particular emphasis on mental health and substance use components of HIV prevention and...

Neil Schneiderman

Director, Health Division, Department of Psychology
James L. Knight Professor of Health Psychology


(305) 284-5467

Angela Szeto, Ph.D.

Research Asst. Professor


(305) 243-6729
Angela Szeto, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, studies the role of social/emotional factors on the progression of atherosclerosis and Type 2 Diabetes in cell culture models (in vitro) and animal models (in vivo).

Affiliated Faculty

Adam Carrico



(305) 243-6947
Field of Interest: HIV/AIDS Research Adam Carrico, Ph.D. is a Professor of Public Health Sciences and Psychology and Director of the Division of Prevention Science and Community Health. Dr. Carrico’s clinical and translational research program targets the intertwining epidemics of substance use and HIV/AIDS. His clinical...

Audrey Harkness

Research Asst. Professor


(305) 243-8949
Field of Interest: Optimizing Mental & Physical Health for Sexual & Gender Minority Dr. Audrey Harkness is a clinical psychologist and a Research Assistant Professor of Prevention at the University of Miami. Dr. Harkness’ work focuses on optimizing mental and physical health for sexual and gender...

Amishi Jha

Director of Contemplative Neuroscience


(305) 284-1931
The Jha Lab Dr. Amishi Jha and her laboratory study the brain systems of attention and working memory, as well as how these systems may be strengthened with mindfulness training.

Bonnie E Levin



(305) 243-7529

Armando J Mendez, Ph.D.

Research Assoc. Professor


(305) 243-5342

Jason S. Nomi, Ph.D.

Research Asst. Professor


(305) 284-3273
BCC Lab Jason's research focuses on mapping functional and structural large-scale neural networks across development in both typical and atypical populations, such as autism spectrum disorder, using functional MRI and diffusion MRI approaches.

Guillermo J Prado, Ph.D.

Dean, Graduate School
VIce Provost for Faculty Affairs


(305) 243-2748
Dr. Guillermo (Willy) Prado is Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs; Dean of the Graduate School; and Professor of Nursing and Health Studies, Public Health Sciences, and Psychology at the University of Miami. Previously, he was Miller Professor and Director of the Division of Prevention Science and Community in the Department of Public Health...